Applications to sail in 2019
If you'd like to apply for a Scholarship on board ATYLA 2019,
please take the time to read and answer the following questions sincerely to the best of your ability, as they are key to determining if your application is successful.
We will ask you questions about your personal details, your background, your skills, your experiences and your dreams.
Good luck!

~Applications to sail in 2019 are funded by this years donations,
and are open until 31st of December 2018~
First name: *

Surname: *

Telephone Number: *

Please include country dialing code
Date of Birth *


Nationality: *

Place/Country of Birth: *

Country of Residence: *

Which Scholarship are you applying for? *

Please choose the minimum funding that you require. There are many individuals who require a scholarship to sail on board ATYLA and it is very important to respect the system by being honest about your needs, so that everyone can have the opportunity to join our adventures.

Your scholarship can either cover 70% or 100% of the voyages' retail price. You can also apply to have your travel expenses to and from the ship covered. Each voyage includes accommodation, meals, insurance, etc.
If we consider you, depending on your an our situation, we reserve the right to adjust the size of the scholarship that we grant you.

Thank you {{answer_36728453}}. Now we'd like to know about your background as well as your hopes and dreams for your experience on board ATYLA.

Have you ever sailed before? *

ATYLA's Scholarships aim to provide an opportunity to those who do not have the means to experience sailing.
Therefore the scholaships are primarily given to those with little or no sailing experience. However, we might also consider applications from more experienced sailors.
Tell us about yourself *

Please share any unique or formative experiences you had in your life.
{{answer_36728453}} why do you want to experience an educational adventure onboard ATYLA? *

Tell us your dreams and expectations.
Why do you think you deserve a Scholarship from our Equal Opportunities Initiative? *

What makes you different?
What is your occupation? *

Are you a full time student, employed, searching for a job,...?
How do you plan to use your ATYLA experience in your professional, academic, or personal life? *

Before, but especially after the sailing experience.
What skills/experiences could you share with your fellow crewmates? *

What could you contribute to the life on board and the programme?
How did you hear about ATYLA’s Equal Opportunities Programme? *

Is there anything else you would like to add in support of your application?

I understand that ATYLA will be relying on the information provided in my application form in consideration of granting me a scholarship. All the information provided by me is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. *

Thank you {{answer_36728453}}. Before your application is complete, there is one last step.

Please contact with the Subject: [your name, SCHOLARSHIP DOCUMENTS]

To this email you must attach your -or your parent[s]/guardian[s]- most recent tax statements and most recent pay slips or letter of employment as supporting documents to your scholarship application.

Until we receive these documents your application is NOT complete.

Once your application is complete we'll review your answers and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding your application please don't hesitate to get in touch via email:

You can also search in our website for more details.

Thank you, and we hope to welcome you on board ATYLA soon.

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