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What is your gender identity?

ATYLA would like to know your gender identity so that we can use this information to ensure that all people have equal access to opportunities and receive representation within our sailing community.

What's your nationality? *

As an International Training Ship, ATYLA welcomes individuals of all nationalities to apply to become Watch Leaders.

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{{answer_16780322}}, how would you describe your spoken English language proficiency? *

As ATYLA is an International Training Ship the official language onboard is English.

Are you a student, or employed? *

Please pick an occupation from the list below.

Tell us about your availability:

Our 2016 routes will be confirmed in April. We will then send you a questionnaire, from which you can select the routes you are available to sail on board ATYLA.

In order to give us a rough idea of your availability, please choose a start, and end date, representing the longest period you can spend on board, during ATYLA's season.
Please select the earliest beginning of your stay on board:

(Our sailing season begins on the 2nd of June)
If you can't answer this question yet don't worry, just skip ahead.
Please select the latest end of your stay on board:

(Our sailing season might last until the 30th of November)
If you can't answer this question yet don't worry, just skip ahead.
Thanks for that {{answer_16780322}}! Now we need to know about your previous sailing experience...

Have you sailed with ATYLA before? *

If yes, could you tell us for how long, the route/s that you sailed, and a little bit about your experience?

If no, are you joining us for any trip during this season, or would you be willing to join for one or more trips as trainee before joining as watch leader?

If so, please specify when you could join, or if you have booked already.
Apart from ATYLA, have you any other sailing experience? *

If yes, can you tell us a bit about your experiences on other vessels?

Please include which ships you have sailed with (indicate if they were training ships), how much time you spent on each vessel, and what were your positions and responsibilities onboard.
In total, how many days have you spent at sea? *

Do you possess the STCW-95 certificate? *

Do you have any other recognised sailing qualifications?

If so, please list below.
That's great, now lets talk about ATYLA's Watch Leader programme.

Could you tell us why you would like to become a Watch Leader onboard ATYLA? *

Give us one or more examples of the skills and/or experiences would you like to share with ATYLA’s Trainees *

What other previous experience do you have relevant to ATYLA's Watch Leader programme?

This could be any volunteering, educational, or leadership role you have held in the past. .
Tell us a bit more about you, which of the following activities most interests you? *

On board ATYLA there is a special position available for one Watch Leader as our Social Media Correspondent. This individual has the opportunity to take photographs and help create content for ATYLA's social media channels. Would you be interested in this position? *

{{answer_16780322}}, how would you rate yourself on your ability to ...

Be sincere about yourself (no need to pretend) these questions are only to know you a bit better.
... build and lead a team?

... stay positive under pressure?

... proactively reach out and help others?

... come up with creative solutions?

... get things done fast?

How did you find out about ATYLA's Watch Leader programme? *

Please give details.
Finally, please read and accept these Legal Conditions for Watch Leader Applicants: *

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks a lot  {{answer_16780322}}! Your application is now complete. One of ATYLA's officers will be in touch shortly regarding your application. If you have any questions please contact

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